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News & Events

[2019-1-2]    Conference brochure

[2018-11-28]Rules of the Oral Presentations Session

[2018-11-25]  PROGRAM SCHEDULE New                           

[2018-11-23] Bus Service to AUTO 2018 Venue

[2018-11-19] AUTO 2018 Session

[2018-11-19] AUTO Program

[2018-11-15] AUTO2018 Local tour of Taichung World Flora Exposition


[2018-9-17]   Celebrate the Sage journals agree to Provide a special 

                               issue of SCI Jounal for Automation 2018 Conference!


[2018-8-30]   Congratulation!! Mechatronics accepted

                              to publish a special issue


[2018-8-8]     Urgent![Recommandation to SCI Journal]

                             Extend the deadline to Sep 15.

[2018-8-8]     Paper Submission

[2018-7-5]     Have you ever visited Taiwan?